Tuesday Nov 23 2021
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Prince William, Harry’s ‘opposite attitudes’ to handling media unearthed: report

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Experts recently weighed in on the ‘vastly different approaches’ Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have towards handling media issues.

Royal correspondent Jonny Dymond made this claim in a new piece.

There he touched on Prince Harry and Prince William’s ‘opposite views’ on media dealings and went on to write, “William understands that the newspapers and broadcasters are a hugely important part of getting the message out.”

“Harry cannot get over his loathing for the people and institutions he blames for the death of his mother Diana, Princess of Wales.”

He also added, “He seeps anger at the press, in particular the best-selling newspapers. The relationship between William and Harry is irreparably changed.”

“And the odds are, given the splitting of households and the charitable foundation, the establishment of separate diary and communications staff, relations will sour further.”