Sunday Nov 28 2021
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Meghan Markle working to ‘cut back’ on royal references in ‘rebranding’ effort

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Experts reveal Meghan Markle’s new rebranding initiative is making her cut back on mentions of the Royal Family.

Royal commentators Rachel Bowie and Roberta Fiorito made this claim while discussing Meghan Markle’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

While reflecting on it all, Ms Fiorito claimed, “Meghan on Ellen, on the prank section, there wasn't really a royal reference made, besides her name."

"I felt that was a choice, where Meghan is moving on from that and she doesn't always have to be serious. For me, what was interesting was Meghan showing a different side. Her comedic side. Her acting side. She is really capable in that regard. It does demonstrate that."

Ms Fiorito also chimed in at that point and added, "The through-line for this interview was that so much was about her pre-royal life.”

“That feels like a new chapter for her. It feels like she is rebranding herself to be more about Meghan, the person she was before Harry. It's definitely a choice she has made.”

"She talked about things she wasn't able to talk about in her royal life. She is definitely going to show more of herself going forward."