Monday Jan 24 2022
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Queen advised to be 'proactive' if monarchy 'needs to survive'

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The Queen is reportedly known for taking action only when an incident reaches serious heights.

This is particular was notable when the Queen was “forced” to remove Prince Andrew of his royal and military patronages.

Speaking on this Roberta Fiorito, host of Royally Obsessed podcast, advised the Queen to be more proactive rather than reactive. 

She said: "But I think we’ve learned from the Royal Family time and time again what they’ve shown us is that they’ll only move when forced.

"I think that’s troubling because I think about Diana and the statement the Queen gave on the eve of her funeral or I think about Prince Philip finally surrendering his driver’s license.

"I mean, remember that and it’s only when forced and in order to protect the brand.

"Only for a handful times when she’s had to kind of choose the Firm over her family and this is definitely one for them because we know Andrew was her favourite son, not one of her favourites, and I just wish that and I think in order to survive the Monarchy, she needs to start to be proactive and not reactive. "