Thursday Jan 27 2022
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Chris Martin confirms three more Coldplay albums before bidding adieu to music

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Chris Martin confirmed that the British rock band will treat fans with three more albums before stop making music in 2025. 

The band has bestowed the music industry with many amazing tracks but the journey is coming to end as the frontman of the quartet recently shared, “I think that's what feels right to us."

Martin graced The Ellen DeGeneres Show where he discussed about the group's future. 

“I think we'll keep touring and we'll always be together as a group of musicians and friends, but I think the story of our albums ends then,” he said.

The 44-year-old singer also joked about the title of the group’s musical film.

"I think we'd really like to do a movie musical,' added Martin saying that it would be titled as ‘East Side Story’.

He also expressed gratitude for being able to evolve as a musician. "We're so lucky that we get to just follow what feels right. That's what we decided to do,” he told DeGeneres.

"That's why our music changes a bit. Sometimes we lose people and we get other people in,” added Martin.