Sunday Feb 27 2022
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Prince Harry will 'steal thunder from the Queen' if he returns to UK, claims royal expert

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Prince Harry will steal thunder from the Queen if he returns to UK, claims royal expert

Prince Harry, who wants to see his royal family, would inadvertently "steal the thunder" from the Queen if he returns to the UK during her grandmother's Platinum Jubilee year.

The Duke of Sussex is planning to visit his royal family in next few weeks to pay tribute to the memory of his grandfather Prince Philip. He may also attend the Queen's Jubilee celebrations.

But, royal author Brian Hoey sees differently as he thinks chances to see Harry crossing the pond throughout 2022 are very slim.

He believes, Harry is aware his presence on British soil could overshadow the sovereign as the country is celebrating the 95-year-old Queen's 70th year on the throne.

To a question - asked by Express.co.uk - about Prince Harry's expected trip to UK in 2022, the author said: "No, quite frankly I don't.

"He might come back for the memorial service for the Duke of Edinburgh.

"But he would come back, I think, on his own.

"And I doubt very much he would come back throughout the remainder of the Platinum Jubilee year - and this is to his credit.

The expert went on to say: "Because if he does come back, a lot of the attention would be on him, taken away from the Queen, and nobody in the Royal Family wants any attention diverted from Her Majesty in this particular year."

The expert continued: "It is a question of stealing the thunder from the Queen. If he does come back, it would be unintentionally stealing the thunder - but it is bound to happen."

"And if Meghan came, you can imagine the crowds which would turn out, there is still a groundswell of affection for them both, particularly from younger people, in Britain."