Queen brilliant answer when Prince Philip asked her to 'shut up' during banter

Queen Elizabeth had amusing response to Prince Philip calling her silly woman

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Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip lived a blissful married life for 73 years.

The monarch spent final days with husband in Windsor Castle, where the couple jointly quarantined during the peak of COVID-19 in 2021.

As per Daily Mail, a royal aide revealed how the couple engaged in adorable banter during those days. 

Once, Philip was overheard telling his wife "Oh, do shut up, you silly woman." The Duke of Edinburgh then received a bickering response from wife

"I am not a silly woman, I am the Queen," the 95-year-old reverted.

The aide added: "They bickered with one another. It was sweet but so unexpected.

"I couldn't believe my ears but I was told this was how they always were with one another," the source added.

Prince Philip passed away at the age of 99. The Duke died peacefully in his sleep, reported various media outlets at the time.

Queen and other members of the Royal Family are expected to attend a memorial service of thanksgiving for Philip this month. The event is scheduled at Westminster Abbey on March 29.