Monday Mar 14 2022
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Prince Harry’s Prince Philip memorial decision incites backlash: ‘National disgrace’

Web Desk

Prince Harry has been called out for revealing that he has no plans to attend Prince Philip's memorial.

According to the Daily Star, Prince Harry’s decision not to attend the memorial was announced by a spokesperson for the couple but Queen Elizabeth was told of the decision 15 minutes before the announcement was made.

This created a flurry of social media backlash, with many branding Prince Harry as a ‘national disgrace’.

One social media user even wrote, “Utter disgrace not to pay respect to his grandfather.”

Whereas another commented, “Prince Harry really is a disgrace, no respect for the Queen whatsoever, and unlikely to see her again!”

However, the Sussex Squad was not silent over the move either, some also flocked to his defence and hailed the prince for holding his ground amid his security fight.

One of his supporters feels, “They won't provide Harry with security so he and his family can be safe in the UK nor would they let him pay for his own security team but they're disappointed that he'd opt out of going to a memorial service over there?”