Sunday Mar 27 2022
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Ed Sheeran helping ‘heal’ Camila Cabello after Shawn Mendes breakup

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Insiders close to Camila Cabello reveal how helpful Ed Sheeran’s music has been following her emotional breakup from Shawn Mendes.

This revelation has been brought to light by sources close to HollywoodLife and according to their findings, “Right now, Camila is hyper-focused on her career.”

“She is really putting everything she has into this and working with Ed Sheeran on ‘Bam Bam’ really was an eye-opener for her.”

“Ed reminded her how talented and unique she was as an artist on her own. Ed gave her great advice and he told her that this is a new chapter for her. It helped to rebuild her confidence in herself and in her abilities.”

“Regarding future romance, she wants to be alone for a minute,” the source later went on to admit.

“Camila still believes that ‘the one’ is out there and she what a catch she is, but she is not looking for that right now. She feels that love will find her again when the time is right.”

In regards to Mendes and Cabello’s post-breakup friendship, the insider admitted the duo are still close.

“Camila is moving on from Shawn Mendes and she’s accepted that this is over,” by now.

“He will always be her first love and that won’t change, but she is no longer wanting to work things out because there is really nothing left to work out. Getting back to what she loves more than anything, her music has helped her to heal from any pain that was caused by the split.”

“She hopes that one day they can be close friends like they were before things got serious, but she is not going to push for that.”

But “If it happens organically, that is great. If it doesn’t, that is fine too.”