Tuesday Mar 29 2022
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Queen Elizabeth ‘determined’ to attend Philip’s memorial despite health crisis

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Queen Elizabeth is ‘determined’ to attend her late husband Prince Philip’s memorial service at the Westminster Abbey on Tuesday, March 29, despite her increasing mobility issues, reported The Daily Mail.

According to a royal expert, the 95-year-old monarch’s presence at the ceremony is highly expected and she is said to be ditching the use of a wheelchair despite her health issues, after it was reported that she was ‘haunted’ by the thought of being seen in one.

Talking about the Queen’s plans to attend, royal author Angela Levin told Sky News on Monday: “Well she says yes, because she's now got her golf, little car… I think that will give her the mobility she wants.”

Levin also added: “She didn't want to be in a wheelchair because she wants to be dignified and she doesn't want to look as if she's really, really old despite her age… and if they can get her into her position without everybody seeing how difficult it is for her to walk, I think it will work very well.”

The writer went on to assure royal enthusiasts that despite her mobility issues, the monarch looks “much, much better” and that “it's very important for her to appear.”

Almost all senior and close members of the royal family are expected to attend the service alongside 30 foreign royals and around 500 representatives of different charities and organisations supported by the late Duke of Edinburgh.