Johnny Depp accuses Amber Heard of leaving 'human faeces' on his marital bed

Johnny Depp shares Amber Heard destroyed their marital bed with faeces

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Johnny Depp is narrating a 'grotesque' incident from his marriage with Amber Heard.

The actor admitted that he came home to 'human faeces' on his bed after a fight with Heard on her 30th birthday. The Pirates of The Caribbean star narrated the incident in court.

Johnny told the court: "On my side of the bed was human faecal matter.

"I laughed. It was so outside. It was so bizarre and so grotesque that I could only laugh.”

Heard has denied it, blaming the mess on her teacup Yorkshire terriers.

"I lived with those dogs for many years," Depp said. "That did not come from a dog. It just didn't."

Depp added that he was warned by the security card and shown a photo of their bed before he entered the home. 

Heard, however, says the faeces came from their dogs.

Depp refuted: "The dogs are Teacup Yorkies, they weight about 4lbs each. The photograph I saw... that did not come from a dog, it just didn't."

Johnny said that Amber was later sitting on a sofa on another instance and was "trying to explain a few things" about the "faecal delivery".