Thursday, April 21, 2022
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Prince Harry ‘isn’t capable of taking care of himself’: report

Prince Harry under fire for being an alleged ‘man child’ that’s unable ‘to take care of himself

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Royal experts accuse Prince Harry of being a ‘man child’ that’s unable to ‘take care of himself.

This accusation has been issued by GB News guest David Wooding, in a chat with Eamonn Holmes.

GB News guest David Wooding issued this claim while talking to Eamonn Holmes.

He claimed, “What’s funny about this Eamonn is the Queen has been on the throne for 70 years, it’s her Platinum Jubilee this year. She’s quite capable of looking after herself.”

But “Poor old Harry can’t look after himself, he’s taking the Home Office through the courts saying he needs better protection when he comes over with his family.”

Mr Holmes interjected in agreement and added, “David, you’re right. He isn’t capable of looking after himself because he needs people psychologically to reassure him.”

“He needs people to do his bidding around him, people who just make things happen, fixers, and they re all around.”