Romeo Beckham,19, is marriage-ready! Will follow dad David's 'quick wedding' tradition

David Beckham son Romeo Beckham is making long-term plans with girlfriend Mia

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David Beckham son, Romeo Beckham, is very 'devoted' to girlfriend Mia.

The 19-year-old is reportedly taking inspiration from his father and elder brother Brooklyn Beckham to marry early as conversations around his 'long-term' future with the Brit influencer have become frequent in the family.

Romeo, however, wants a laid back wedding, unlike Brooklyn's £3million Miami wedding fiesta.

A source close to the couple says: “Mia is close to Romeo’s mum Victoria. It was clear the couple want a long-term future together and have already spoken about being soulmates.

“Marrying quickly and young seems to be in the Beckham tradition.

“They are besotted with each other and are definitely in it for life. They also talked about how much they want a big family and can’t wait to get started.”

The source adds: “Romeo always wanted to wait for Brooklyn to wed and avoid doing anything that could take the limelight from his brother.

“Mia is a very different woman to Nicola Peltz and has always stated she would like to marry in Britain, making for a far more casual and low-key wedding to the one Nicola and Brooklyn had.”