Friday May 06 2022
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Meghan wanted to be 'global humanitarian Princess', did not want to 'snatch' Harry

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Meghan Markle did not realise what monarchy looks like 'from the inside' when she decided to marry Prince Harry, says author.

Book writer Tina Brown sat down with journalist Piers Morgan and admitted that Meghan wanted to do wonders in humanity amid her position as a senior royal.

Mr Morgan asked Brown: "Is Prince Harry happy? I mean look my views about him and Meghan Markle are pretty well-known.

"I'm not going to labour the point, you do lots of fascinating research in your book about this.

"You're pretty scathing about Meghan, I mean you're sympathetic in some ways..."

Ms Brown told Talk TV: "No I don't think I am scathing about her actually.

"I feel I've got inside that situation in a way that has a lot of many dimensions to it."

Mr Morgan added: "Sum it up simple."

Ms Brown said: "Meghan simply didn't realise, didn't understand how different the Monarchy is from the inside, to what it looks like from the outside.

"From the outside its palaces its global tours, it's being adored, it's being one of the most famous people in the world from inside you know it can be really dull, it is grunt work.

Mr Morgan said: "18-months you cant buy this, I think she's genuinely planned the whole thing.

"I think she thought I'll come in, hoover up this Prince yank him back to California and become a new Angelina and Brad Pitt."

Ms Brown said: "I think honestly she thought that she could play a different kind on Princess.

"That she could actually... I don't think she went in there thinking I'm going to snatch Harry out of there, I think she thought she was going to be this global humanitarian Princess."