Thursday May 12 2022
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Did Prince Harry admit to Meghan Markle ‘lying’ about being denied therapy?

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Prince Harry seems to have unknowingly admitted to his wife Meghan Markle lying about being denied therapy for her mental health struggles while being in the royal family, an Australian TV host believes.

Talking on Sky News Australia, host Andrew Bolt claimed that Prince Harry had a ‘slip of tongue’ last year proved that Meghan wasn’t kept from seeking mental health while being a working part of the royal family, something she had claimed in her bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Bolt cited Harry’s words on Dax Shepard’s podcast last year in which he admitted that Meghan pushed him to seek professional help when he struggled with his mental health.

However, just months prior to that podcast, Meghan had told Oprah that she was ‘told’ by the royal firm that she couldn’t seek therapy.

Pointing out this discrepancy, Bolt questioned: "Didn't she say in her notorious interview with Oprah Winfrey that when she wanted to go see a therapist herself Buckingham Palace refused her permission?”

“Prince Harry, the actual prince could get therapy but his wife could not? That is very well spotted because there is a giant disconnect there between the two stories. Quite a slip of the tongue from Harry.”

He continued: “The whole big point they made in the interview was that the Palace would not let Meghan get any therapy because they thought it would look bad. I am sorry but if this is true why would Prince Harry be allowed to get therapy?”