Monday, May 16, 2022
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Dua Lipa reveals she almost quit music because of online trolls

Dua Lipa talks about social media trolls and how it affected her

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Dua Lipa revealed that she was at the verge of leaving her music career because of the hate she received online.

In an interview with The Sun as per Mirror Magazine, the Love Again singer talked about battling self-doubt as she kept receiving messages from trolls online.

The 26-year-old told the outlet, “There were moments of self-doubt, even though it was kind of unfair because a lot of the people that had sent those messages or were saying things online actually hadn’t been to one of my shows.”

“Social media is kind of run on this toxic currency of who can make people laugh at the expense of others,” the singer added.

Lipa further said that online abuse does not affect her anymore, “Now, if anybody says anything, it doesn’t even bother me.”

In a previous interview, the musician talked about going to Russell Brand for advice to tackle the online abuse.

“I was interested in starting therapy and he came through with a recommendation. I was going through an intense period,” Lipa said on At Your Service podcast.

She added, “Life is a process. I thought I had it figured out, then things start slipping away.”