Monday May 16 2022
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David Beckham teases his 'jealous' sisters with a surprise move

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David Beckham teases his jealous sisters with a surprise move

David Beckham has sparked banter among the family on social media as he shared an amazing photo with his mother Sandra Beckham.

Beckham took to his Instagram on Sunday to share a photo with his mom in which he can be seen having his "favourite" childhood meal at her house.

He wrote in caption that you "can't beat dinner with mum" and revealed to his followers that the meal had consisted of gammon, chips, pineapple, fried egg, coleslaw and mushy peas.

David said that it was his "favourite as a kid" and added in the caption that the meal at his mum's house had been followed by a jam doughnut and a cup of tea.

He also took the opportunity to tease his younger sister Joanne Beckham, 40, in the caption. He wrote in the recent post: "Sorry [Joanne], the [king] was home for dinner."

Joanne teased: "Wonder if [mum] got the king mug out the cupboard for you too. Anything for the king. Oh was there a red carpet too?" She included laughing emojis in her reply.

Older sister Lynne Beckham-Briggs, 48, responded by commenting that she doesn't get such treatment either, saying: "We just stand outside looking through the window."

The siblings' mum Sandra Beckham responded to her daughters: "Don't be gel." Whilst their brother David said: "Come on girls, don't be jealous." Both had included a laughing emoji.