Monday May 23 2022
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Queen Elizabeth’s commonwealth ‘an accident waiting to happen’

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Queen Elizabeth’s commonwealth problems have been branded an “accident waiting to happen”.

Royal historian Dr Ed Owens made this claim in his interview with Express UK.

There, he was quoted saying, “It is a very problematic organisation. It is full of contradictions and problems and arguably many parts of Commonwealth politics are just best avoided. They are an accident waiting to happen.”

“I think Prince Charles is more naturally accepting if the other 14 realms go their own way. I think he will accept that as part of something natural. I don't think he will put up too much opposition to resisting change.”

“He will possibly be more resistant in the context of Canada, Australia and New Zealand,” he also added.

“But I don't think Prince Charles is as wedded to the idea of the Commonwealth – if you like the global stage on which monarchy can perform – as his mother is.”

“And in that respect, I would not be surprised if he does seek to reduce if you like the Crown’s commitment to the Commonwealth.”