Tuesday May 24 2022
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Jason Momoa fought for Amber Heard to remain in ‘Aquaman 2’

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Amber Heard was only able to keep her role in the upcoming sequel of Aquaman because her co-star in the film Jason Momoa was "adamant" that she remains in the film.

A former Hollywood producer and now an entertainment industry consultant and expert Kathryn Arnold testified in court as Heard’s witness in the ongoing defamation lawsuit against her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Arnold said in court that the superhero film was Heard’s “a star is born moment” but her role was cut short because of issues with the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

She went on to reveal that the actor was only able to be a part of the movie because Momoa and James Wan, the film's director, were “committed to her” and were “adamant she was in the film.”

As per the witness, Heard had a “strong romantic arc the entire film and some great action sequences” in the first draft of the movie.

Arnold claims that Heard find out from a costume designer that her role was “dismissed” after she allegedly trained five hours daily to do a sequence in the film.

She further said that the action sequences had been “cut out” and her role was “radically reduced,” as reported by Daily Mail.

Heard’s agent Jessica Kovacevic had previously said in the court that she was told the actor’s role was reduced because of “lack of chemistry” with Momoa but Arnold denied this.

Talking about Heard’s “bad reputation” in public, Arnold said, “They (Hollywood) like her work but they can’t work with her because every time her name is mentioned, the negativity flares up again.”