Meghan Markle making Kate Middleton ‘stiff’ in Jubilee ‘aura’

Experts point out how Meghan Markle seems to make Kate Middleton appear ‘tense and stiff’ in comparison

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Meghan Markle making Kate Middleton ‘stiff’ in Jubilee ‘aura’

Royal experts talk of Meghan Markle’s ‘calmness’ when compared to ‘Kate Middleton’s ‘stiffness’.

Body language expert Judi James offered royal fans this observation amid Jubilee celebrations.

He began by telling the Daily Star how Kate’s demeanour during the celebrations seemed rather ‘stiff’ whereas Meghan Markle appeared to be more ‘in her element’ during the course of the day’s events.

Ms James started off by explaining how Prince William and “Kate emerged wearing their serious facial expressions, with William directing their children into position before standing apart from Kate to ensure a good spread of parental guidance.”

Whereas “Meghan was looking playful and in her element with a group of young royals who also seemed to adore her, shushing them with her eyes wide and rounded but also smiling and she shushed to suggest she wasn’t being totally serious.”