Wednesday Jun 22 2022
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Kate Middleton ‘incredibly sad’ over Prince William-Prince Harry feud

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Kate Middleton is reportedly ‘incredibly sad’ that Prince William and Prince Harry’s royal rift is still ongoing, meaning Harry will miss his brother William’s 40th birthday this week.

As per a source quoted by Closer magazine, Kate has been feeling nostalgic on William’s birthday especially since she marked his 30th in 2012 with a special trip to Wales where Prince Harry and William spent great time bonding.

According to the insider: “She thinks it’s incredibly sad that the brothers have so little to do with each other now. She’s heartbroken to see how things have turned out when they used to be so close.”

In fact, the source claims, “Kate’s quietly sent a message that it would mean so much to William if his little brother made some type of contact on his special day – a message would go a long way to break the ice and help build bridges without anyone else in the way.”

Prince Harry recently visited the UK for the Queen’s Jubilee earlier this month and it was expected that the two brothers might make up during the short visit.

However, things couldn’t have turned out worse, as Prince William and Kate appeared to completely avoid Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, who also left the UK early before the Jubilee celebrations ended.