Saturday Jul 02 2022
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Simon Cowell’s ex Sinitta ‘still wanted to be with him’ after break up

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Simon Cowell ex-girlfriend Sinitta opened up about her relationship with the music mogul, revealing she was left heartbroken when he started dating her best friend Lauren Silverman.

The singer dished on how she thought there was an “unspoken understanding” between her and Cowell that they would rekindle their romance.

However, the X Factor creator started dating Silverman while she was still married and their romance became public after Silverman’s pregnancy’s news made way to the media.

“It was about 10 years ago and yeah I was wanting to still be with him then, yes. So that was upsetting and… unrequited love but I'm not gonna kill myself over it,” Sinitta talked to Daily Mail.

“It was kind of on and off, on and off, so there was kind of an unspoken understanding that was obviously a misunderstanding on my part but it's ok.

“I'm not the villain cos I genuinely thought we were working things out and that's why it was upsetting but that's life, right? Maybe I'll meet someone at his wedding,” she added.

Sharing her reaction on Cowell and Silverman’s scandal, Sinitta said, “Obviously it wasn't my happiest moment because I wanted to be with him but I got over it and we've all lived happily… well we've all lived to tell the tale.”

“Lauren and I were best friends. We were literally best friends. That's why it's quite funny everyone thinks she's not inviting me and we're not speaking,” she noted.

Revealing that she’s an ordained minister, the 58-year-old musician said that if the couple needs somebody to officiate their wedding, she can marry them.

“Doing Simon's wedding would be amazing. I haven't pitched the idea to him yet. It's one of my hare-brained schemes,” she added.