Saturday Jul 02 2022
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'Amber Heard 2.0': Legal expert blasts trolls for 'villainizing women'

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Legal expert slammed trolls for using Amber Heard’s name as an ‘insult’ after Cassidy Hutchinson testified against Donald Trump in the trial about his actions on January 6, 2021.

After Hutchinson’s shocking testimony, the former US president's supporters trolled her on internet calling her “Amber Heard 2.0” in an effort to discredit her.

Influencer Liz Crokin first dubbed Hutchinson a “liar” on messaging app Telegram, comparing her to the Aquaman star, claiming that the 25-year-old lied under oath.

Her post was shared by other influencers and Trump supporters while multiple other posts used the term “Amber Heard 2.0” on the app for describing Hutchinson’s testimony.

A victim’s rights lawyer Carrie Goldberg told Insider that Heard’s name being used as a "new dog whistle" to discredit women shows a pattern of how powerful men can use their digital armies against women if they ever speaks out against them.

Goldberg, attorney and founder of C.A. Goldberg,PLLC, a law firm specializing in victims' rights and sexual violence cases, further said, "The aim is to make an example of her, to see her thrown to the wolves and torn apart.”

"Abusive and dangerous men have troll armies standing-by to harass and destroy women on their behalf really illustrates the misogyny pumping through the veins of this country and across the internet," she added.

"Victims and advocates foresaw that the caricature of Amber Heard would go on to play this important socio-cultural role for abusers: allowing them to easily and succinctly villainize women who testify against them in the future," she noted.