Tuesday, July 05, 2022
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What are Prince William’s chances of scoring Prince of Wales title?

Prince William is poised to take over the British monarchy after the Queen, and his father, Prince Charles

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Prince William is currently poised to take over the British monarchy after his grandmother, the Queen, and father, Prince Charles, but will he ever get to own the coveted Prince of Wales title? As per Express UK, the decision lies solely on Charles.

According to the outlet’s report, despite Prince William working hard in recent years to step into his eventual role as the monarch, the decision to grant him the Prince of Wales title eventually falls on Prince Charles’ shoulders.

Royal tradition dictates that the heir to the throne hold the title of the Prince of Wales, however, it is not a title that is inherited, rather gifted.

To explain better, Express UK shared that while Charles and William have been first and second in line to the throne since their births, the title of Prince of Wales was only bestowed on Charles in 1958 by the Queen.

Although Prince William is expected to eventually land the iconic title sometime in his life, it will depend on his father Charles as King and he could very well hold the title back from him!

In case of Prince Charles dying before the Queen, then as per royal tradition, the Queen will decide whether William should be the next Prince of Wales!

Other titles that are sure to automatically land in William’s lap once Charles becomes King include the Duke of Cornwall and the Duke of Rothesay.