Here’s how Amber Heard plans to avoid paying Johnny Depp settlement

Amber Heard’s shocking plan to avoid paying Johnny Depp the settlement payment has been laid bare

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The loopholes Amber Heard plans to run through to avoid paying her settlement to Johnny Depp have been laid bare.

Since losing the defamation case, legal experts and advisors have looked into Amber Heard’s public financial records with resounding warnings about non-payment consequences.

However, it seems the Aquaman star’s legal team has an entire game plan to, either, drag out the payment or halt it with appeals.

For those unversed, even though Johnny Depp demanded nearly $50 million in damages, Virginia state law only made a $15 million payout possible.

Ms. Heard’s first claim focused on there has been ‘no real damage to reputation’ to the 2016 Washington Post op-ed.

At the time the legal team issued a statement that read, “There is no evidence to show that the damage to Mr. Depp’s reputation was caused by Ms. Heard’s op-ed. Mr. Depp testified that the damage to his reputation stemmed from the temporary domestic violence restraining order. That order was issued in May 2016, as a result of their separation. And he cannot receive any compensation for it.”

Later, the star appealed to the court over the credentials of one of the jurors on the stand, citing the lack of birth date similarity.

There is a third plan currently in motion where Ms. Heard’s team has requested a third trial on the basis of the allegedly ‘implicated’ juror no. 15.