Sunday, August 07, 2022
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'Prince Harry doesn’t want to be seen as his brother and father'

Prince Harry wants to be ‘trusted’ like Diana 'not like' Prince Charles and William

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Prince Harry doesn’t want to be seen as his brother and father

Princess Diana's former bodyguard has shared his thoughts about Prince Harry, saying the Duke wants to be ‘trusted’ like his mother the Princess of Wales.

Ken Wharfe, who was Diana’s police protection officer from 1987 to 1993, suggested in a new book, titled ‘Diana: Remembering the Princess’, that the Harry does not want to be regarded as like his father Prince Charles or brother William, but would rather be trusted like his mom.

In the book, he wrote of the Duke: “Harry doesn’t want to be seen as the same sort of man as his brother and father. Instead, he wants to be trusted as Diana was. He isn’t coming back yet but it did leave the door open, and he isn’t ruling anything out.”

Wharfe added: “No one can actually predict what will happen with Harry, Meghan and their children.

"Anything could happen–but I do think that, at some point in the future, things will change and he will return in some form as an operational prince of the realm."