Gerard Pique reportedly cheated on Shakira with Clara Chia Marti

Gerard Pique was dating Clara Chia Marti while he was still in relationship with Shakira, claims Spanish journalist

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Gerard Pique reportedly cheated on his girlfriend of 12 years, Shakira, with Clara Chia Marti.

The Barcelona star made his relationship official with the PR student, who used to work at his production company Kosmos, two months after separating with the Waka Waka hit-maker.

However, multiple reports have claimed since their public appearance that the two were in a relationship for months and only decided to make it public now.

"Pique and his current girlfriend have been together since the beginning of February," Adriana Dorronsoro said on El Programa del Verano as per Marca Magazine.

"Shakira was aware of the footballer's infidelities. She saw that he was having romantic dates with this new girl, that he brought her to his company and that he's become infatuated with her,” she added.

"That's why she decided to break-up with Pique,” Dorronsoro revealed. “This girl was the cause of the end of their relationship."

Another journalist Marisa Martin-Blazquez previously said as per the outlet that the Colombian singer, upon discovering Pique’s infidelity, gave him another chance.

But when Marti found out about this, she started going out with another guy and turned the situation in her favour.

"She (Clara Chia) felt bad and hooked up with a guy, and when Pique found out, he got itchy and resumed the relationship," Martin-Blazquez said.

However, a source close to Pique told Antonio Rossi that the footballer had already broken up with Shakira when Marti came into his life.

"He wanted to break-up, the relationship was broken and there was no infidelity," he said as per Marca Magazine.

"Let's see how they continue to leak information because Pique says she arrived when his relationship was already broken."