Wednesday Aug 31 2022
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Amber Heard hijacks Whitney Instagram to call Johnny Depp 'disgusting': Expert

Web Desk

Entertainment commentator Andy Signore notices details from Whitney's social media update as he concludes her statement was carefully crafted.

"This is not something you make on a lark in an Instagram Story," he began on his YouTube channel.

"Someone had to come up with the idea of the DVMAs, someone had to make the logo for the DVMAs and then she added a nice picture of Amber.

"This just feels like it is completely manipulative. Whitney does not post a lot of Stories, it makes me wonder who made her post this

He questioned: "Could Amber have taken up her phone and made her post this reaction?

"Amber knows she cannot say anything now since it is always going to create backlash. When her sister posts it, her PR firm can use this as a wildfire for their benefit.

Ms Signore's comments come after Whiteny thrashed MTVs for inviting Johnny Depp to do a special segment at VMAs.

"I stand with Amber Heard" and a graphic that renamed the event the "DVMA's," a seeming reference to domestic violence.

"@MTV you're disgusting and clearly desperate! I really hope that none of the people that made this call have daughters...," she wrote.