Tuesday Sep 20 2022
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Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck reportedly signed anti-cheating agreement before wedding

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have reportedly signed a multi-million anti-cheating clause before tying the knot.

The Marry Me actor and the Gone Girl star wanted to avoid any infidelities and hence they created an agreement as per report published by Marca Magazine.

As per the arrangement, JLo will receive a hefty sum of $5 million if Affleck cheats on and actor-director will get the same amount if Lopez deceits him.

This comes following reports that Lopez worries her new husband “might get bored” of her as the wedding excitement has “worn off.”

“Now all the excitement from the weddings and honeymoons has worn off, Jen’s panicking that Ben might get bored of married life very quickly,” an insider told Heatworld as per Marca Magazine.

“She feels immense pressure for this marriage to be successful and is doing everything she can to keep Ben happy and occupied.

“She’s trying to keep things fresh and exciting, and has even been trying to get him to join her punishing workouts and go to more events together so she can keep an eye on him,” the source added.

The lovebirds got married in an intimate Las Vegas wedding in July this year which was followed by a grand three-day celebration in Georgia where they exchanged their vows again.