Saturday, September 24, 2022
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Gerard Pique thinks Shakira’s taking revenge on him by playing victim: Report

Gerard Pique, Shakira announced their separation in June 2022 after 12-year courtship

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Gerard Pique is reportedly annoyed following his ex-partner Shakira’s latest interview in which she discussed their separation dubbing it as the “darkest hours” of her life.

The Waka Waka hit-maker’s interview with Elle Magazine has not gone down well with the Barcelona player as he believes that the singer’s playing victim in front of media.

During her conversation with the magazine, Shakira said that she put her career in “second gear” to move to Spain so Pique could play football.

The footballer, however, considers such claims to be the singer’s way of taking revenge, reported La Vanguardia as per Marca Magazine.

Pique is said to be annoyed by Shakira’s statements and believes that she wants everyone to think of her as the victim in this situation.

The outlet claimed that the sports star is furious that Shakira defined herself as the one who took time out for the family to take care of the children.

"Everyone who knows him knows that even if he has gone out for a few nights out drinking, he has always combined that with his business, but also with taking care of his family," a source close to Pique told the outlet.

"He takes his children to school, to extracurricular activities, on trips and spends all the time with them when he is not working," the insider added.