Sunday Sep 25 2022
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Camilla has 'got the monopoly' after Charles' aide forced to resign

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Queen Consort Camilla will going to have more influence in the monarchy after King Charles III lost close personal support.

His Majesty’s former valet Michael Fawcett, who had been by his side since the 1980s, was forced to resign as chief executive of the Prince’s Foundation last September,

An insider spilt the beans to WA Today: “His loss is enormous. Michael was the King’s absolute closest confidant. He provided the boss with camaraderie and reassurance, which is exactly what he needs right now.”

“Now he has gone, Clive and Camilla are in full control – although the reality is it’s the Queen Consort who is now calling the shots.

“The King used to think that Fawcett and Camilla were the only people who understood him and now Fawcett’s gone, she’s got the monopoly,” the source added.

“To be fair to her, she is the King’s rock. She is a stabilising and reassuring presence. She makes him laugh and they have been through the mill together so they have got so much shared experience,’ the source added.

“He, in turn, completely adores her," the expert remarked.