Friday Sep 30 2022
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Royal Family likened to Kardashians amid Harry and Meghan's behaviour

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The Royal Family is being compared to Kardashians and Prince William needs to step up, said a commentator.

The two brothers seemed to come together for a brief time for a walkabout outside Windsor Castle after Queen Elizabeth II passed away.

Royal expert Duncan Larcombe, on The Royal Beat, said that the Prince of Wales must step in to “fix the rift”.

“William has just become the Prince of Wales, he’s going to be our King, and it doesn’t look good for him if he can’t sort out the issues with his brother.

“He wants a leadership role, William wants to wear the medals and the stuff on his shoulders, but he has to be a leader.”

“The Royal Family is being likened to the Kardashians in the way that Harry and Meghan are behaving,” he suggested.

“They’re being followed around by Netflix, they’re selling out all of their royal brand to the highest bidder…

“That doesn’t mean it’s William’s fault, but for goodness’ sake William, the onus is not on Harry," he added.