Saturday Oct 01 2022
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King Charles' decision to affect Harry's children if he follows in the footsteps of Queen of Denmark

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King Charles decision to affect Harrys children if he follows in the footsteps of Queen of Denmark

Royal fans and experts are speculating about the future titles of Meghan and Harry's children after the Queen of Denmark stripped four of her eight grandchildren of their titles.

Marlene Koenig, an expert on the European royalty, said, “Charles is going to change who is titled regardless of what Margrethe announced yesterday because first and foremost of the gender-equal succession.

“The 1917 Letters Patent refers solely to males or eldest son. Succession is now the eldest child.

“In 1948, King George VI issued a Letters Patent so Elizabeth's children (born before she became queen) would be royal, otherwise, Charles would have been styled as the Earl of Merioneth and Anne as the Lady Anne Mountbatten until Elizabeth succeeded.

“Most of the Euro monarchies are looking at perception – Joachim's kids were HH Prince or Princess (not HRH) but if they all married with permission, their children would be titled HH Prince or Princess.

“The focus is now the main line and Charles will probably do something similar – royal titles for the main line – the children of the sovereign and the children of the eldest child, who is the heir apparent regardless of sex.”

She added: “One hopes Charles will have conversations with family members who could lose titles, rather than hear about from the media.”