Sunday Oct 02 2022
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William, Harry rift 'problem' is that Sussexes are 'back in America'

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Loose Women star, Nadia Sawalha said that problem of Prince William and Prince Harry's rift is the fact that the Sussexes have returned to the US.

The 57-year-old star recently suggested that the Duke of Sussex’s new life in America is damaging the two brother’s relationship, reported Daily Star.

During her conversation with the outlet, Nadia said: “One hopes so, doesn’t one? But I think the problem is, they’re now back in America."

Princess Diana’s both sons were reunited to walk side by side at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral at Westminster Abbey.

"Hopefully time will heal things. I hope," she added.

"It’s just that upbringing that they have to push through and push on. I think more than anything else, it will be the upbringing that eventually brings them back together, because they have to,” the TV presenter said.

“The thing is protecting the royal family, isn’t it?" she added.