Sunday Oct 30 2022
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Prince Harry ‘can’t even make therapy work out’ despite privilege

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Royal experts have blasted Prince Harry for ‘constantly unsatisfied’ despite getting ‘all the therapy in the world’.

This claim has been brought to light by royal biographer Angela Levin, in her interview with GB News’ host Nana Akua.

She started off by telling the host, “He wasn't treated like a spare. He was incredibly popular, the most popular next to the Queen.”

“Because he was mischievous because he was fun. He was very lively. William's got a much harder life because it is so demanding to be a King and to be an heir.”

“He has got what he wanted. He has got freedom as much as he likes, he has got a woman he absolutely adores, he has got children.”

Before concluding she also pointed out , “He has got 16 bathrooms. It is really astonishing that he cannot say anything good despite having lots and lots of therapy.”