time Tuesday Nov 01 2022
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King Charles is 'flipping his middle finger' at Rishi Sunak 'already': Here's How

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King Charles III is taking things his own way after British PM Rishi Sunak restricts him to attend the COP27 climate change summit.

The conference, that Sunak himself plans to snub, is close to the King's heart due to his love for the environment.

The advice to stop the King from attending comes from N0. 10 officials.

Amid this, Charles has decided to host his own reception at Buckingham Palace ahead of the summit.

Praising the King for his bravery, netizens have turned to Twitter to laud the monarch.

“King Charles flips an Eiffel Tower-sized middle finger at UK Gov due to being told not to attend COP-27," writes one.

“King Charles is showing his 'meddling' hand already," adds another.

A third tweets: “Meddling with such style, too - carry on meddling, sir.”

Labour Party deputy leader Tom Watson adds: “A reception at Buckingham Palace is one helluva subtweet.

“This is C3 sticking it to climate denialists in general and Rishi Sunak specifically.”