‘Lightweight’ Prince Harry married B-lister to ‘run from responsibility’

Prince Harry has been accused of ‘running away’ from responsibility with a B-list celebrity

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Prince Harry has been labelled a ‘lightweight’ whos’ run away with a B-list celebrity.

Inside sources close to Globe Magazine made these shocking revelations.

While the outlet does not find Prince Harry to be as “sleazy” as Prince Andrew, he’s still been branded a ‘disgrace’.

Even though “Both, of course, fit Harry, who, as the second royal son, is a reserve in case something happens to his older brother, William, the heir to the throne and future king. Certainly, Harry grew up knowing he was a spare tire. But did he have to end up being like that other reserve king, his uncle Prince Andrew?”

“These basically describe what Harry turned out to be – a lightweight who is so scant he ended up marrying B-list actress Meghan and letting her convince him to dump his royal ties and become a public whiner and crybaby.”