Meghan Markle feeling ‘betrayed’ by Prince Harry, William

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Prince Harry has reporedly gone against his wife Meghan Markle in a bid to secure a relationship with Prince William.

Inside sources close to Closer magazine brought this admission to light.

They started by revealing that Prince William and Kate Middleton currently have a long standing pact with Prince Harry, that aims to heal their rift, but Meghan Markle seems ‘displeased’.

According to the insider, Kate’s “constantly telling him how lovely it would be if they could sit down and somehow try to patch up their differences.”

Plus Prince William truly “loves Harry”, and “the pair had a pact to always remain close— but, as much as it pains him to admit it, there are serious trust issues standing in the way.”

Especially since Prince William “requires a cast iron guarantee that any future conversations and interactions will remain private” if any healing is to ever take place.

Meghan Markle on the other hand reportedly values “openness” and “hates the thought of Prince Harry doing anything behind her back when it comes to the royals.”

For those unversed, these terms have come forward since he still “feels a huge deal of hurt” and it is that very thing that has “led to him demanding drastic measures before he considers speaking openly.”

At the end of the day, “William wants to clear the air with Harry and he's willing to talk to him” but he’s “been burned too many times at this point to trust that what he says in confidence will stay between them, instead of being broadcast in a documentary, memoir, or leaked by those close to Meghan and Harry.”

Due to this “he wants him to sign an agreement that their conversations remain private.”