Thursday Dec 01 2022
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Victoria Beckham recalls wearing ‘wrong designer’ to fashion event

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Victoria Beckham recently recalled some major fashion moments of her career during her conversation with Edward Enninful.

The 48-year-old designer joked: “I am not taking responsibility for those big Spice Girls shoes! And I’d say to the girls - I did use to take up the budget.

“It was fantastic. Because their shoes were from that shop […] Buffalo, on Carnaby Street. And they just used to get them all for free,” she added.

The Spice Girl alum also recalled her fashion moments: “There were times when we were so tired, that the more tired we were because of all the travel, the more makeup we wore. And the bigger the hair got, and the shorter the skirts and the higher the heels. We would just overcompensate.”

“Myself and David turning up to a Versace event in matching Gucci leather […] wearing the wrong designer, but you know, owning it,” she added,

“Back then, I didn’t know any better. I didn’t know the fashion industry. So there was something so sweet and naive about the fact I didn’t care. I just expressed myself in that way.,” the fashion mogul added.

“That’s what is so great about YouTube; anything that you want to watch is so easy to find. It’s the most incredible archive.”