Sunday Dec 04 2022
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Prince Harry’s ‘bromance with Netflix is ashes’: report

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Prince Harry and Netflix’s bromance is reportedly ‘in the ashes’ because of their uncooperative behavior’.

This warning has been issued by royal author and journalist Alison Boshoff, in his brand-new piece for the Daily Mail.

Boshoff began by saying, “One source familiar with the dramas behind the scenes say 'nothing will be the quite same after it' — not least Harry's once-warm relationship with Netflix boss, Ted Sarandos.”

“Sources say that bromance is in ashes after two years of building tension over the what, how and when of the Sussexes' 'tell-all’.”

“One huge cause of rows was the fact Netflix had paid top dollar (and beyond) for the couple, and then found their stars apparently 'slow' and 'uncooperative'.”

“Particular fury was unleashed when the couple apparently wanted to delay the painstakingly edited show yet again after the Queen's death in September.”