Monday, December 05, 2022
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Prince Harry is simply just Meghan Markle’s ‘deluded’, ‘manipulated brat’

Prince Harry is under fire for his comments about Meghan Markle and is being branded a ‘manipulated brat’

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Prince Harry has just been called into question for the comments he made regarding the media war against Meghan Markle.

This claim has yet again been made by Piers Morgan who recently took to social media to attack the couple’s latest allegations.

The allegations in question are part of the second video installment from the Netflix docuseries.

While retweeting it, Mr Morgan referenced an article by the New York Post who quoted Prince Harry as saying, “there's a 'war against Meghan': 'It's a dirty game’.”

As part of his reaction Mr Morgan wrote, “Says the guy waging a relentless vicious public war against his own family. Harry’s such a deluded spoiled manipulated brat.”

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