Wednesday Dec 07 2022
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Will Smith hopes his ‘actions’ won’t penalize efforts of ‘Emancipation’ crew

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Will Smith got candid about his feelings regarding his comeback movie Emancipation after the Academy Awards controversy.

The King Richard actor told Metro.co.uk that he is hoping that his action will not affect the hard work of people involved in making of the historical action film.

“I haven’t thought about it that deeply,” Smith replied when asked about his feelings about making the much need cinema comeback after Chris Rock slap.

“I am consumed with the importance of the message of the work,” he said. “My hope is that Antoine [Fuqua, director] and all the artists involved with this film won’t be penalised for my action.”

He continued: “I think the film is spectacular. And my hope is that people will be moved and transformed by it.”

“I want to do my best to positively contribute to the world,” he further said. “I want to contribute joy. I want to contribute ideas, art.”

“And it is my deepest and most humble intention to live a life that has some value to others,” Will Smith shared.