Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez marriage to ‘last forever,’ won’t let her ‘slip through his fingers’

Ben Affleck feels ‘settled and accepted’ in Jennifer Lopez marriage, expert

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Ben Affleck will not leave Jennifer Lopez this time as the actor feels "accepted" in his relationship with her after his failed marriage to Jennifer Garner.

A celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman revealed that the Argo actor would not let the Marry Me star “slip from his fingers again” as he’s “nicely settled” into this marriage.

Honigman told Betway, “Ben settles nicely into this marriage. The Justice card shows that he’s right at home in a committed relationship, and he feels balanced and accepted.”

“He’s repaired a mistake of the past and has no desire to let this slip through his fingers again,” Honigman added referring to the couple’s 2004 split.

“The whole marriage is represented by the Hierophant card, which is a card of safe, established institutions,” the astrologer continued.

“The original Bennifer is a marriage that brings security and acceptance to both parties and can last forever,” he shared.

Affleck parted ways with his wife of 10 years Jennifer Garner in 2015 after the duo “grew apart” over time despite having three kids; Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel.

“The truth was, we took our time, we made a decision, we grew apart. We had a marriage that did not work,” Affleck told Howard Stern.