Wednesday Jan 25 2023
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Prince Harry has ‘rose colored glasses’ and lives’ in a bubble’

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Prince Harry is being blasted for his stubbornness and inability to see outside of the bubble he’s lived in his whole life.

Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter issued this accusation against prince Harry.

According to Express UK she claimed, “Those results are quite extraordinary because previously, his popularity really was only second to the Queen.”

“And I think it does sort of speak to this bubble that Prince Harry has been living in. It's quite extraordinary to see him complaining about having the smaller part of the bedroom when he was at Balmoral Castle.”

“He also talks in one part of the book about how he was doing his own cleaning his own chores, his own shopping.”

“I mean, perhaps some people think that a royal prince shouldn't be doing those things himself, but should we feel sorry for him for those reasons? No.”

Before concluding Ms Arbiter also added, “I think most reasonably minded people would agree that Harry has every right to tell his own story, particularly given so many other people have felt capable of doing so for all these years.”