Prince Harry wanted to hold press conference to tell world ‘I didn’t cheat’

Prince Harry recalls media accusing him of graduating from Eton unfaithfully

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Prince Harry is recalling the time he was accused of cheating on exams.

The Duke of Sussex, who passed out from Eton in 2003 after special tutoring, shares how he was accused of cheating on his tests to graduate.

Writing about the horrific blame in his memoir ‘Spare’, the Duke of Sussex reveals: “I was accused of cheating. An art teacher came forward with evidence of cheating, which turned out not to be evidence of cheating. It turned out to be nothing at all, and I was later cleared by the exam board. But the damage was done”

Harry adds: “The accusation stuck. Brokenhearted, I wanted to release a statement, hold a press conference, tell the world: I did the work! I didn’t cheat! The Palace wouldn’t let me. In this, as in most things, the Palace stuck fast to the family motto: Never complain, never explain. Especially if the complainer was an eighteen-year-old boy. Thus I was forced to sit by and say nothing while the papers called me a cheat and a dummy every day.”

This comes as the Duke of Sussex hits records in selling his life book. ‘Spare’ is now out in stores.