Sana Javed heartbroken on emotional video of Zille Shah shared by Imran Khan

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An undated image of Pakistani actor Sana Javed. — Instagram/@sanajaved.official
An undated image of Pakistani actor Sana Javed. — Instagram/@sanajaved.official

Pakistan actor Sana Javed on Sunday reacted to the video of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) worker Ali Bilal — nicknamed Zille Shah — shared by the party chairman Imran Khan on his Instagram handle.

The country on Wednesday was left shocked after horrific images of the body of Bilal in Lahore began circulating on social media, not long after the PTI's rally to launch its election campaign was called off.

Soon “Zille Shah”, “Ali Bilal” and "Black Vigo” began to trend on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Before the watching eyes of the horrified country, more and more details of Bilal’s death began to surface, including closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage of a private 4X4 vehicle, which can be seen dropping Bilal at a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

According to the post-mortem report, the victim had 26 marks of torture on his body.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan then shared a video of Bilal being taken away in a police van claiming that he was killed in police custody.

A screengrab of Sana Javeds comment on Imran Khans video shared on Instagram. — Instagram/@imrankhan.pti
A screengrab of Sana Javed's comment on Imran Khan's video shared on Instagram. — Instagram/@imrankhan.pti

While the government and the PTI leadership continue to trade barbs over Bilal’s death, Khan earlier today shared a video montage of his dedicated worker who sacrificed his life for the love of his party leader.

The video contains clips of the deceased and his passion for the party as he can be seen chanting slogans in favour of Khan and telling people that he can even sacrifice his life for his leader.

The Dunk starlet was among thousands of people who reacted to the video — which garnered over 160,000 like within hours. The actor also commented with two heartbroken emojis under the video