Keanu Reeves names favourite movie villain

Keanu Reeves popular villain name was expected

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Keanu Reeves names favourite movie villain
Keanu Reeves names favourite movie villain 

Keanu Reeves revealed who takes the cake as his favourite on-screen nemesis.

Speaking during a Q&A with IGN after a screening of John Wick: Chapter 4 star said, "I mean, it's gotta be Smith, right?" Reeves responded, signalling to the famous sunglasses-sporting antagonist from The Matrix series.

"Agent Smith. Hugo Weaving."

Directed and written by Lilly and Lana Wachowski in 1999, Reeves starred as Neo, a computer hacker who saves humanity after becoming The One following venturing into a forbidding underworld.

In other news, Capital FM host Roman Kemp was mocked by Reeves fans for the John Wick star's "utter cringe" interview.

The host asked the deadly gunslinger about the winner in John Wick and fitness coach Joe Wicks's fight.

Reeves replied, "I know it's hard to believe, but John Wick doesn't really wanna fight, so let's just talk about life and fitness, John Wick's hashtag fitness."

Kemp also questioned John Wick's knowledge about the price of a halogen lightbulb in Wickes's hardware store.

"For when you just have to get it done, I'm gonna Wickes my bathroom, I'm gonna Wickes my new kitchen," Keanu joked.