Donald Trump compared to Tupac Shakur amid arrest, rapper's sister reacts

Donald Trump has been arrested by the authorities in NYC after he arrived for indictment

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Donald Trump compared to Tupac Shakur amid arrest, rappers sister reacts
Donald Trump compared to Tupac Shakur amid arrest, rapper's sister reacts

Former US president, Donald Trump, who recently surrendered to the authorities at NYC, as he faces charges of falsifying business records related to hush money payments made in his 2016 campaign, was compared to the legendary rapper Tupac Shakur.

The comparison drawn by Trump's attorney between the former president and Tupac has angered the late rapper's sister.

Tupac's sister, told TMZ, "My brother was measured by his integrity, his principles and personal and collective responsibility," calling the recent comments made by Trump's attorney, Alina Habba, "blasphemous."

She also mentioned that her brother took responsibility during his 1994 sexual abuse trial, and expressed that she isn't seeing a whole lot of accountability coming from Trump.

As reported by the outlet, Trump's lawyer compared Trump and Tupac on the same day he flew to NYC for his indictment.

The attorney also noted that Trumps legal trouble is going to increase his poll numbers, just like Tupac's record sales went up after spending time in prison.

To which the rapper's singer Set Shakur responded saying Tupac didn't get popular because of his lockup, though, instead his popularity grew because those who listened to his music "were able to measure him by his words and actions that aligned."

She went further and praised her late brother, calling him an honorable man who stood up for those needing protection and always having others on his mind.