Thursday, May 11, 2023
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Over 30 million people watch Ben Affleck's viral video

Web Desk
Over 30 million people watch Ben Afflecks viral video

More than 30 million people have seen a viral video of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez on Twitter which has received mixed reactions online.

The video has been shared on Twitter with a caption that said the actor looked stressed in the clip.

The clip of celebrity couple has been doing the rounds on TikTok and Twitter, with a a large number of people praising the "Justice League" actor for his chivalry.

The clip shows the pair approaching their parked car, to-go coffee cups in hand.

Affleck opens the car door for the "On the floor" singer, like a gentleman, then seems to use his whole body to shut it behind her.

 At the end of the clip, right before getting into the driver's seat, Affleck notices he's being filmed and pulls a slightly irritated face at the camera.