Wednesday, May 17, 2023
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Prince William finds Prince Harry ‘more horrid’ than Prince Andrew

Prince Harry reportedly holds worse standing, in comparison to Prince Andrew, within the Royal Family

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Prince Harry has just been placed on a scale and compared to Prince Andrew, who has been shunned to the far corners of Buckingham Palace for his involvement with a known pedophile.

Robert Lacey, a commentator and historical advisor for The Crown brought these insights and claims to light, during his interview with Dan Wootton.

The revelations were brought to light during the duo’s chat on the show Dan Wootton Tonight.

There, Mr Lacey accused Prince Harry or being ‘way worse’ than Prince Andrew, due to his ‘fame-hungry’ exploitation of inner conflicts.

He started everything off by questioning Prince Harry’s loyalty for the Firm, and admitted that even Prince William cannot digest King Charles’ desire to ‘mend fences’.

Mr Lacey was quoted saying, “I think Charles' wish to reconcile with his youngest son makes a lot of sense, but you can’t blame William for being absolutely furious.”

“Whatever you say about Prince Andrew, Andrew has stayed loyal to the family, while Harry has basically exploited family disputes – which happen in any family – for money.”

At the end of the day, this attitude is “something that William understandably finds hard to forgive.”

For those unversed, Prince Andrew was taken to court by one of his accusers, Virginia Giuffre.

she accused Prince Andrew of instigating inappropriate relations, while she was a minor, at one of Jeffrey Epstein’s properties.

Prince Harry on the other hand has come under fire for ‘selling’ his families secrets for top dollar to Netflix, Spotify, and other main stream media outlets, following his move to the US.