Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck hit with reality of married life after 'honeymoon period'

Jennifer Lopez’s career oriented mindset causing issues in marriage to Ben Affleck, expert

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Jennifer Lopez urged to reflect on her career oriented mindset to save marriage with Ben Affleck who wants to "slow down."

The Shotgun Wedding star and the Gone Girl actor tied the knot last year in July and as the couple is nearing their first wedding anniversary, reports are emerging of their alleged marital troubles.

Amid rumours that the duo might get a divorce,  J.Lo and Affleck have been spotted seemingly arguing with each other on more than one occasions.

Speaking of the ongoing alleged tensions between the couple, dating coach Katie Mansfield claimed "the reality phase has begun" Affleck and Lopez as they enter the real phase of married life.

"It seems like the Honeymoon period has ended, and the reality phase has begun!” Mansfield told The Mirror about one of the Hollywood most loved couple.

"In relationships it generally takes 6-12 months to play out the rose tinted versions of each other, and then after a year or so the reality of who the person really is creeps in.

"This can be heightened in celebrity relationships due to the excitement and fantasy aspect of their lifestyles,” she added.

Discussing a previous report that Affleck wants to lead a "quieter life" while Lopez is an "all-or-nothing" kind of women, the expert said this difference between them could lead to a "mismatch in values."

"It sounds like there is a significant mismatch in values and lifestyle vision here, while opposites can attract initially, the day to day need that Ben has for peace and quiet and downtime could be a deal breaker here,” she said.

Mansfield continued: "Often, the masculine qualities that hyper-successful women utilise to achieve fame and success, can cause a lot of issues in romance.”

She went on to hint that Affleck's desire of a lowkey and peaceful life may force Lopez to reflect on her life as a career oriented woman.

"Sounds like Jennifer needs to reflect on how her behaviour may need reigning in, it equally could be that Ben has demands and habits that just don't fit with her views of what life is all about.

"With two big personalities - it's not an easy one to see how this can work long term,” she said before telling the duo’s fans “press comments need to be taken with a bit of a pinch of salt.”